Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith: 101 Stories to Offer Hope, Deepen Faith, and Spread Love

We’ve heard it said that you can’t go wrong with Chicken Soup. This book is a great read, filled with wisdom and inspiration for living a faith filled Catholic life. We truly believe that you’ll look forward to reading a new story every day. The stories are inspirational, helping the reader set their priorities, and lead a happier life. For some of the folks in these stories, that meant furthering their education, reducing their expenditures, and generally living with less, but everyone shows that moving toward happiness is much more than a material endeavor. We definitely recommend that Catholics young and old take the time to read Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith!

Why We’re Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love

This is an easy to read text that gives a basic overview of the Catholic faith. It would be a good read for almost anyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It begins with the epistemological underpinnings of truth and then considers the difference between objectivity (what is true for all) and subjectivity (think of preferences, like your favorite color). Our beliefs in God, Jesus and the Catholic Church are then explained through this philosophical lens. It covers many common misconceptions with easy to understand, convincing arguments. This is a great entry level text and has enough meat that even a seasoned Catholic will appreciate the read. Click here to find out why we’re Catholic.

Liturgy of the Hours (4 Volume Set)

What Catholic Book Review would be complete without a discussion concerning the Liturgy of the Hours? This is one of the most valuable tools for expanding your prayer life and depth of scriptural literacy. The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Church. What more could be said? This prayer can be complicated and takes moderate amount of time to learn, but the fruits of your labor will be a deeper relationship with the Church and our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no better way to spend your money or your time. Click here to start saying the Liturgy of the Hours.